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Toshiya fans -

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    Hey ^^ I'm sorry to post again... but I'm here to announce for the last time my Toshiya's Macabre Tour cosplay ^^ There's two days left <333 And just one bid, you can take the opportunity! ^_^

    Thanks for everything,


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    I have 2 Toshiya of Dir en grey Posters for sale.

    These were sold only at the 4/2001 Budokan Concert.

    Please check them out!



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  • 05/30/07--14:39: icons

  • Challenge: Toshiya (Dir en grey)
    Complete: 13/50
    Credits: userinfo

    (more here)

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  • 06/16/07--19:15: Article 6
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  • 11/16/08--15:56: USA Dir en grey Street Team


    The Dir en grey Street Team was an official* promoter of Japanese metal rock band Dir en grey, in 2007. Currently back at unofficial status, fans from all over the US, as well as the rest of the world, have come together to make this page. All of us coming together like this, helps to show Dir en grey, FREE-WILL (Japanese Record Label), and The End Records (American Record Label) the type of unity and power us as fans can have. Also by all of us coming together, it helps others make more friends as well as keeping each other updated on one of our favorite bands.

    *Officially recognized by Warcon Records. (February 2007)*


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    Dir en Grey Boston @ Wilbur Theatre Icons


    More: Here @ My Journal

    Other graphics in my journal @ momo_00

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  • 12/19/08--01:23: <3

  • Hey guys ~
    I started a new swap community for Dir en grey~
    feel free to join

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  • 03/25/09--05:52: Dir en grey poster

  • Hi guys!
    I decided to sell my dir en grey poster signed by toshiya san..U__U

    This poster is of Dir en grey european tour 2006..if you are interested send me a private message..^__^ byee

    The only problem about the poster is that in the back side...there are some tape's  signs..U.U ..but all the rest is ok ^__^



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    Hi, I have for auction Dir en grey Marrow of the Bone signed by Toshiya and other members.
    I had the chance to meet the band back in 07 and got my album signed.
    If interested go here 

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    If not allowed, mods please feel free to delete.


    We are a community dedicated to Toshiya, the very talented and beautiful bassist of Dir en grey. We will operate on a "a-day" basis, meaning that we will post each day a tiny bit of Toshiya, may it be a picture, a video clip, a cartoon, a quote, a cosplay, a piece of music, art or photography that inspires or speaks to us about Toshiya.

    Mr. Bassisto is a place to celebrate Toshiya and what makes him unique to each of us, to comment, discuss and debate, to admire and squee and be a fan.
    Come on over!


    Feel free to pimp this at all the relevant places.

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